Thursday, December 3, 2009

2 month checkup

So I know this is almost a month late...but November 5th Hailey had her 2 month checkup! She was 23.5 in and 12 lb 14 oz! In 2 months Hailey grew 2 full inches and gained 4 full pounds!  My baby sure is getting big.  She's in the 90% height and 95% for weight, and boy is she a cutie. She has the cutest double chin, and her thighs are super chubby.  Oh I love it!  I'll be sure to post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


For Halloween this year we went over to our good friends the Anderson's house for a party.  We sure had fun, and Hailey looked SUPER cute in her ladybug costume.

Megan told me that I HAD to dress up, so I dressed up as a ladybug too.

We invited Matt to join us, but he didn't like the idea of being a 'lady'bug for Halloween. So he grabbed his good ol' wrestling mask he got in Mexico and called it good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I guess since it's been over a year...

Someone convinced me to start a blog about a year ago, so I did.  As you can see I haven't posted anything since! Maybe I'll give this another try...

Hailey is 7 weeks today. 7 weeks! It does not seem like just 7 weeks ago I was sitting in the hospital waiting to meet our little girl. She is growing so big way too fast. Hailey already has quite the personality. Here are a few of her favorite things...
  • being held
  • baths
  • sleeping in mom & dad's bed
  • eating
  • car rides
  • diaper changes
  • changing clothes
  • dad swinging her in her car seat (really BIG swings)
  • laying in her crib when the mobile is playing
  • looking around
  • going for walks
  • having her hair brushed
  • laying on dad's chest
  • moving her arms and legs
  • her pacifier

She also has some dislikes...
  • being put down
  • sleeping while not being held
  • tummy time
  • being ignored, even for just a minute.

I am really enjoying being a mom, although it is a LOT of work!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

:..Time really does fly..:

Time really does go by so fast! Next week will be the 6 month mark of our wedding, yet it still feels like we just got married last week! Everyday seems to get shorter and shorter and my list of things to get done each day keeps growing. Sometimes it's hard to keep up. Matt is working at Reliasoft and really seems to enjoy it. He just graduated in December and really wants to get his MBA, so is talking to his company about perhaps paying some (hopefully most!!) of that. He would love to start the program in January but that will of course depend on how much the company can pay for. I'm working at St. Joseph's hospital in the Rehab department as a Physical Therapy Tech. It's a very interesting job. I've been there just about a year now. It's just holding me over while I'm in school. Since I'm working full time I'm taking classes part time, which is quite interesting. Matt and I decided that if i took online classes we would see more of each other so I decided to do that. Lucky for me Matt is a computer wiz, so he really helps me out. Hopefully I'll be able to start the nursing program at Pima late next year. It's hard to get there when I'm only taking 2 classes a semester. So there's the rundown on our busy lives, which I'm sure will just continue to grow. Although we are busy life is really good. We enjoy being married and love the adventures married life brings!