Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I guess since it's been over a year...

Someone convinced me to start a blog about a year ago, so I did.  As you can see I haven't posted anything since! Maybe I'll give this another try...

Hailey is 7 weeks today. 7 weeks! It does not seem like just 7 weeks ago I was sitting in the hospital waiting to meet our little girl. She is growing so big way too fast. Hailey already has quite the personality. Here are a few of her favorite things...
  • being held
  • baths
  • sleeping in mom & dad's bed
  • eating
  • car rides
  • diaper changes
  • changing clothes
  • dad swinging her in her car seat (really BIG swings)
  • laying in her crib when the mobile is playing
  • looking around
  • going for walks
  • having her hair brushed
  • laying on dad's chest
  • moving her arms and legs
  • her pacifier

She also has some dislikes...
  • being put down
  • sleeping while not being held
  • tummy time
  • being ignored, even for just a minute.

I am really enjoying being a mom, although it is a LOT of work!